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The powder metallurgy case studies on this website have all won various awards from the Metal Powder Industries Federation‘s (MPIF) annual Design Excellence Awards Competition. The MPIF is a federation of six trade associations representing various aspects of powder metallurgy (PM), metal powders, and particulate materials.

People are often surprised at the everyday uses of powder metallurgy. It’s in your car or truck. It’s part of airplanes, satellites, and defense equipment. You’ll find it as part of life-saving operations in surgical tools and even implants. This innovative metal-forming solution has been trusted for decades, and today powder metallurgy continues to transform and grow with metal additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing).

These award-winning PM parts on this site illustrate how design guidelines have been used to create real-world applications. In many cases, the limitations of the component guidelines have been exceeded by the special expertise of the PM fabricator to gain a product advantage. The advantages to using powder metallurgy are numerous; but perhaps the most beneficial is that PM is a high-value net-forming solution capable of optimizing performance for many critical applications.

The case studies on this site range across all market segments. You’ll find powder metallurgy to be a fixture of the automotive market, a staple in the medical world, and utilized in many applications in your every day life from electronics and recreation to industrial and agricultural uses.

If you’re interested in exploring powder metallurgy processes as an option for creating your component, visit our Find a Fabricator directory to locate the right company for your component design needs.

Differential Gear Set

Automotive—Engine, Transmission & Chassis

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Front Site Base

Aerospace & Military

Catcher Tension Bar

Lawn & Garden /

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Endoscopic Device Parts

Medical & Dental

Bathtub Drain Tool

Hand Tools/Recreation

Clutch Hub

Industrial Motors / Controls & Hydraulics

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Planetary Gear

Hardware / Appliances

Stapling Device Shuttle

Electronic/ Electrical

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