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A Recognized Green Technology

In an initiative undertaken by the Metal Powder Industries Federation, the PM industry is proclaiming to the manufacturing community that powder metallurgy is a recognized "green" technology. Its sustainability advantages have always been there; now it will be promoted as such.

The “greening of America,” the greening of our world, for that matter, is no passing fad. Being sustainable is a way of life and—for many of us in the PM industry—being green is now a way of doing business.

If you are a manufacturer with metal components to produce, take some time with the resources provided below to learn how you can help meet your company's sustainbility targets by making PM a critical part of your fabrication process.


The Sustainability Continuum

Exceprts from Andrew Winston's Sustainability Presentation at PowderMet2010

Other Resources

Powder Metallurgy—Intrinsically Sustainable (pdf)

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