Automotive Case Studies

The automotive industry is easily the largest market sector for powder metallurgy (PM). According to the Metal Powder Industries Federation's (MPIF) 2018 State of the PM Industry Report, the resilient light-truck market remains a heavy user of PM. A recent tear-down project of a 2017 Ford F-150 truck showed that the truck contained 32.46 kg (71.5 lb) of PM parts. This report can be found on the MPIF.org website.

The value of powder metallurgy for the automotive market is demonstrated throughout multiple case studies. From differential gear sets to steering columns and crankshaft sprockets, PM is an integral part of the automotive industry.

The parts below are a small sampling of award-winning parts submitted to the MPIF's annual Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards competition. These PM components showcase the many ways in which PM excels as a metal-forming technology.


Worm Gear

This component is a worm gear used in the locking mechanism of commercial vehicles to activate the park function.

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Electronic Power Steering Assist Pulley

The drive pulley is for an electronic power steering system that goes into assemblies found in the...

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Fan Clutch Assembly Components

This high-performance fan clutch assembly is used in cooling systems in semi-tractors and other large diesel-engine vehicles. Composed of six...

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Transmission Planetary Assembly

The 32-part planetary assembly connects to the input shaft from the engine and supports the planetary pinion gears. This carrier assembly is used in the...

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Rubberized Crankshaft Sprocket

This rubberized crankshaft sprocket  is composed of three components that go into a General Motors Generation II High-Feature V6 Engine.

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Oil Spray Piston Cooler

This component is used as an oil spray piston cooler. 

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Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Sprocket

This component is used in an overhead camshaft inline 3- and 4-cylinder engine. Variants of the engine include naturally aspirating multi-port injection with direct...

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Output Pulley

This output pulley goes into an electric reclining mechanism in a minivan-rear-seat application. This powder metallurgy (PM) component offers a lot of functionality in the small-footprint mechanism...

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Differential Gear Set

This is the first iteration of powder forged differential gears having been used in the rear axle differential.


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SCR Bus Nozzle

The SRC bus nozzle is used in a selective catalytic reduction system of European commercial vehicles.

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Stepped Planetary Gear

This component is a stepped planetary gear used in a ridged rear axle gear box for battery electric light commercial vehicles.

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Main Bearing Cap

Used in the 2.0 L aluminum turbocharged 4-cylinder FCA engine launced in the Alfa Romeo Giulia, this PM component breaks new ground due to its innovative weight reduction...

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Sinter-Brazed Planetary Carrier

This lightweight powder metallurgy (PM) component—composed of a guide plate and spider—is the first sinter-brazed powder metal planetary carrier in....


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Thrust and Back-Up Washers

The components play a critical role in the function of TC10 automatic transmissions for Class 8...


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Steering Column Components

Key components in the steering columns of the Chevy Colorado and CMC Canyon trucks.

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