Electronic / Electrical Case Studies

High-volume and powder metallurgy can go hand-in-hand, and they almost have to to benefit the electronic and electrical marketplaces. From cell phones and tablets to nozzle assembly earphones and more, you'll find powder metallurgy electrical components and electronics in nearly every corner of your day-to-day life.


Shaft Grounding MIM Guide Section

This metal injection molded component is part of a shaft grounding system used in brush excitation maintenance...

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Aluminum Heat Sink

The aluminum powder metallurgy (PM) heat sink is used in a high-volume global automotive stereo application...

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Mirror Cover, Base, and Middle

The award was given for three parts—a mirror cover, a base, and a middle— that assembled into an infrared gas sensor for...

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Upper Beam Handle

The upper beam handle is a stainless steel component made using metal injection molding. The part goes into a removable brush holder assembly used in turbine generators...

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Coil Housing

This part is a soft magnetic powder metallurgy (PM) alloy coil housing used in a magnetic door closer for emergency/fire protection...

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Ceramic Sensor

The part is a ceramic sensor used in an electronic device. Material selection was key to its success.


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This intricate metal injection molded (MIM) part is used in a latch ejector mechanism for pluggable gigabit...

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Nozzle Assembly

This nozzle assembly is composed of a three-piece assembly—nozzle interface, outer nozzle, and metal collar—that go into high-end sound-isolating earphones...

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