Hand Tools / Recreation Case Studies

Hand tools and recreation components include hand guns, hunting rifles, motorcycle parts, and much more. Powder metallurgy (PM) is an integral part of day-to-day life. You'll find it in your home appliances, basic household tools, and even recreational vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs.

The case studies below are a collection of award-winning parts submitted to the Metal Powder Industries Federation’s annual PM Design Excellence Awards competition in the Hand Tools & Recreation category.

Gerotor Assembly

This fuel pump gerotor assembly is comprised of an inner and outer rotor pair.

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Camshaft & Water Pump Sprocket

This award-winning component is a camshaft and water-pump sprockets made for...

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The trigger goes into an adjustable trigger system on a pump-action shotgun. The complex part geometry was a challenge overcome, but the use...

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Pistol Breech Block

This breech block is inserted into the slide body of a .22 caliber pistol and creates the breech face and other critical functions. The unique geometry...

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Putter Head and Hosel

The use of metal AM technology allowed designers to place or remove material strategically to optimize mass distribution...

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Ski Boot Binding

This award-winning component is used for right- and left-handed ski boot bindings. Manufacturing this component is a challenge due to the thick cross section throughout...

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Rifle Bolt

This powder metallurgy component is a rifle bolt used in a Crickett 22LR rifle. To pass qualification testing, the component had to withstand 20,000 rounds of firing tests...

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Retainer Weight

The award was given to a sinter-hardened steel retainer weight that operates in the transmission of large motorcycles, controlling...

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Cable-Tie Tool Parts

This cable-tie hand tool assembly consists of six metal injection molding (MIM) parts—pinion, nosepiece, pawl gripper, insertable rack...

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Bathtub Drain Tool

This bathtub drain tool is an assembly of five powder metallurgy components—two drain wings, drain top, drain bottom, and drain shaft...

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