Metal Powder Resources

Download and view our metal powder-related primers, handbooks, and presentations. 


Powder Metallurgy Primer

"Conventional Powdered Metal Components"—a 15-page article on press-and-sinter technology.

~ PDF (486KB)

Porous Metal Handbook

General information about porous sintered metal products.

~ PDF (709KB)

Powder-Forged Connecting Rod Evaluation

A white paper comparing powder-forged con rods with C-70 forged con rods.

~ PDF (321KB)

Hot Isostatic Pressing Presentation

A primer (adapted from a PowerPoint presentation) describing the intricacies and capabilities of the isostatic pressing process.

~ PDF (2,846KB)

What Are Refractory Metals?

Comprehensive information about refractory metals: tungsten, molybdenum, columbium, tantalum and rhenium.

~ PDF (535KB)

Allowing Fit, Form & Function to Drive Design

A presentation explaining how PM provides the opportunity for cost-effective production of complex net-shape components.

~ PDF (726KB)

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