Hardware / Appliance Case Studies

Everyday household appliances and hardware use powder metallurgy (PM) in everything from simple to complex components and assemblies. You'll find PM in washing machines, lighting control systems, locks, and inside many other common appliances.

The hardware and appliance case studies below are a small sampling of award-winning parts submitted to the Metal Powder Industries Federation’s annual Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards competition.


Quick Disconnect Sling Mount Assembly

The quick disconnect assembly of 3 parts is used on slings/harnesses for a variety of small, handheld devices like cameras, binoculars, firearms, etc.

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Rotor Vane

This award-winning component is a rotor vane used in an engine lubrication oil-pump system. The rotor vane is a two-level component that must achieve certain tolerances critical to system function with minimal secondary operations...

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Rack Pinion and Bushing Assembly

This is an assembly consisting of rack, pinion, and bushing used in a patented pergola louver system that allows the pergola to convert to a water-tight shelter. The sinter-hardened steel rack and five-level pinion...

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Front & Rear Keepers for Electric Lock

Two MIM 17-4 PH stainless steel parts—front and rear keepers that go into industrial electrical locks.

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Door Lock Parts

These parts (knob shaft, clutch, knob shield, core plug, core body, and control sleeve actuator) are used in the assembly of high-end digital door locks and other security devices.

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Stator Superior and Inferior

This soft-magnetic composite superior and inferior stator is used in a mono-phase induction ceiling fan motor.


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Ratchet Lock

This award-winning component is a ratcheting lock, which is part of the locking mechanism in an adjustable office chair. When the arm of the chair is moved up or down, this part is released and then locked into place...

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PM Rack

This powder metallurgy (PM) component is a complex seven-level rack used in an industrial washing machine. The rack, along with the mating gear, is what agitates the drum in the washing machine. Made to a density of 6.8 g/cm³...

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Claw Pole Motor Core Stators

Claw pole motor core stators are used to generate a magnetic flux that interacts with a rotor and permanent magnets to produce torque in a high-efficiency...

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EPR Flow Block Single Sensor

This metal injection molded component is part of the specimen inlet module of gas chromatography equipment. Previously manufactured using casting and machining...

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Planetary Gearset for Lighting-Control System

The planetary gearset for lighting-control systems is composed of five conventional powder metallurgy components. The parts...

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Inside Hub Adapter

This component is an inside hub adapter used in modern, high-end electronic commercial and residential door-lock systems including the latest touch-screen devices. These systems are typically used...

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Key Blade

This key blade is used in security locking mechanisms and IT identification systems.



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