Lawn & Garden / Off-Highway Case Studies

Billions of dollars are spent in the U.S. each year on agricultural machinery. Powder metallurgy (PM) is strongly represented in the agricultural industry and also assists in building and maintaining machinery from basic lawn and garden care to heavy off-highway machinery.

The case studies below are a collection of award-winning parts submitted to the Metal Powder Industries Federation's annual PM Design Excellence Awards competition in the Lawn, Garden & Off-Highway category.


Drum Brake

This brake shoe was developed to replace a 3-piece weldment.



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Copper-Steel Spacer

Initially intended to be a machined wrought part, this conventional PM component is used in a tilt steering mechanism as a pivot on the ATV/SSV application. It is over-molded with plastic and sees very little stress...

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Disengagement Mechanism

Copper-steel parts that make up a disengagement mechanism of an intuitive differential snowblower system that allows the user to pivot the unit in place by disengaging one of the wheels.

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Gear Output Box

This powder metallurgy component is used in a tiller application and is composed of a total of five PM parts.

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Transmission Bush Gear

This bush gear is used as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and
reverse low-speed gears in tractor transmissions.


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Pivot Shift Fork

This powder metallurgy (PM) part is a pivot shift fork that goes into a shifting mechanism in an all-terrain vehicle transmission. The two sets of journals are an absolute requirement as they enable the fork to...

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Brake Piston

This parking/emergency brake piston is for hydraulic transmissions used in zero-turn-radius lawn-maintenance equipment. Made from FC-0208 iron-copper steel, the piston is compacted with...

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Drill Driver Gearbox

This part is composed of five components comprising an output gearbox that serves as feedback for an anti-twist lock on a drill driver. This part contains extremely thin sections with highly complex geometries.

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Catcher, Tension Bar, New Base Cap & Body

These parts are used in proportional valves used in hydraulic circuits of off-highway and farming equipment.
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The powder metallurgy (PM) steel gear-race is used in the OnTrac2 GPS-assisted steering system. The system positions agricultural planting and harvesting...


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