The value of powder metallurgy in the automotive industry is clear—automotive is the dominant market sector for powder metallurgy (PM) components. As lightweighting becomes more important to automotive manufacturers, the ability to customize materials becomes even more advantageous. PM is an integral part of the automotive industry that seeks precision, repeatability, and durability wrapped into cost-effective solutions.
Review the automotive case studies below to learn how and why PM is a reliable and durable metal-forming solution for the automotive industry.

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Customized Materials: Transmission Planetary Carrier

A lightweight carrier utilized in a fuel efficient 9-speed automatic transmission.

  • High-strength materials that exceed property requirements
  • Lightweight design optimized by PM technology
  • 12%-16% fuel economy efficiency
  • 20%-30% estimated cost savings over alternative manufacturing technologies

Sinter-Brazed Planetary Carrier

Robust Components: Locking Differential Gear Set

A new benchmark for rear differential gear performance.

  • Eliminated larger, heavier, and less efficient axle system
  • Higher performance than competing technologies
  • Smaller systems for larger jobs
  • Sustainable—higher material utilization than competing technologies

Locking Differential Gear Set


Innovation: Power Seat Output Pulley

A small footprint was required for this electric power seat recliner.

  • Repeatability and high-production capability
  • High wear resistance and durability
  • No additional machining improved cost effectiveness by 50%
  • Eliminated long lead-time due to machining

Power Seat Output Pulley


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