Case Study: Oil Spray Piston Cooler

Process: Metal injection molding

Density: 7.55 g/cm3

Material: MIM-4605 low-alloy steel

Tensile Strength: 1,550 MPa (225,000 psi)

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End Use and Function

This component is used as an oil spray piston cooler. The parts are used in the internal combustion engine of heavy vehicles and were previously made by machining, which was very challenging for such a complex shape.


Produced in a single cavity mold, this is a very complex part, as it has two holes that intersect with a center hole at different angles. Oil flows through the holes, so there cannot be any blockages such as drill burrs in the pathway. As a result of highly innovative tool design, robust tooling, good practices during the tool assembly, and optimum molding parameters, the part is produced perfectly without defects. All dimensions are achieved without distortion. MIM-4605 low-alloy steel was selected due to the material properties and environment required for the part during operation.


This part was previously manufactured by conventional machining processes that were pushed to the limit to produce the complex shape. MIM resulted in a cost savings of greater than 50%, plus the customer received consistent quality and on-time delivery—something lacking from the previous supplier.


A 2021 Award of Distinction Winner in the Automotive-Engine category for metal injection molded components


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