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Value-Added Engineering
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Why Use Powder Metallurgy (PM)?

PM is a value-added engineering process that provides a host of advantages over competing metal-forming technologies. These advantages add up to cost-effectiveness, shape and material flexibility, application versatility, and part-to-part uniformity for improved product quality, which is why you should PickPM.

design center

Design Resource Center

The Design Resource Center provides technical data and resources to help you learn to specify your component. Whether you’re a novice to PM or a skilled designer, remember to keep your PM part fabricator involved every step of the way. Discover the benefits of PM.

powder metallurgy case studies

Case Studies

Proven examples with real award-winning powder metallurgy components, these case studies cover eight market segments: automotive, aerospace & military, lawn & garden / off-highway, medical & dental, hand tools & recreation, industrial motors, hardware & appliances, and electronic & electrical.

powder metallurgy manufacturer

Find a Fabricator

If you are exploring designing a component using PM, find a PM parts fabricator to work with early in your process. Their guidance may help you streamline the development to production process. Visit the Find a Fabricator directory to find the perfect fabricator to guide you to a successful PM component.

introduction to powder metallurgy

Intro to Powder Metallurgy

For basic, educational knowledge on what PM is, visit the Intro to PM section to develop your understanding of this metal-forming technology.

powder metallurgy processes

Guide to Powder Metallurgy

Powder metallurgy is a vibrant industry, a reliable technology, and has a promising future. This interactive flipbook explores the various PM processes, explains what and when PM is used for, and elaborates on market segments complete with award-winning applications.

powder metallurgy white paper

White Papers

Our white papers will help dispel any misconceptions surrounding PM technology. Learn more about working with PM.

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