Case Study: Coupling Handle

Process: Conventional powder metallurgy

Material: SS-303 stainless steel, with subsequent copper infiltration

Density: 7.5 g/cm³

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End Use and Function

This coupling handle is designed to provide improved pressure and temperature control capabilities compatible with a wide array of fluids. It is used for high performing industrial fluid power controls for agriculture, construction, industrial and on-off-shore and land-based oil exploration, pharmaceutical, marine, chemical processing, hydraulic jack, portable ram, and mining applications to prevent accidental disconnects.


A 2021 Award of Distinction Winner in the Industrial Motors, Controls & Hydraulics category for Conventional PM components



Converting this part from a casting to powder metallurgy required design solutions for net-netshape compaction and no-porosity due to the parts working environment. Utilizing a copper infiltrated stainless steel material and minimal machining via automated CNC milling machines, the part was aesthetically appealing and functionally superior to the prior casting. Additionally, the lettering was inserted during compaction, replacing the need for laser engraving.




This application is an excellent example of how PM product design and material utilization can improve supply chain deliveries and cost effectiveness. PM’s net-shape capability for producing complex geometries minimizes material loss and energy consumption throughout the manufacturing process. Innovative solutions, such as a copper infiltrated stainless steel, ensure non-leak seal of helium gas and other assortment of gases/fluids at high pressures that prevent failures in the field.

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