Medical implants are on the rise. Over 4.7 million Americans have undergone complete knee replacements and 2.5 million have undergone total hip arthroscopy. This is a global trend, and the precision of powder metallurgy (PM) plays a role in improving quality of life through its ability to meet or exceed expectations in regards to size, complexity, material properties, volume, reliability, and bio-compatibility.

Review the medical case studies below to learn how and why PM has earned its reputation as a precise and reliable metal-forming technology.

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Precision: Surgical Suture Instrument

A shaft assembly used in a novel surgical instrument for passing sutures through difficult-to-reach tissue.

  • Highly complex, single-use instrument
  • High volume, 17-4PH stainless steel
  • Four to five times cost savings over alternative manufacturing technologies
  • Sustainable: 90% waste savings over machining from bar stock

Sugical Suture Instrument


Complexity: Endoscopic Staple Gun

This wedge blank actuates the release of staples in the endoscopic staple gun.

  • Designed to be the smallest, most effective on the market
  • Extremely small, complex geometry solution
  • High strength 440 stainless steel
  • This part can't be made economically using alternative manufacturing technologies

Endoscopic Staple Gun


Innovation: Gear System for Surgical Device

This planetary gear system is used for gear reduction in a single-use surgical device.

  • Integration of posts to flange eliminate additional assembly
  • Engineered using high wear resistant and durable materials
  • New part design improved cost effectiveness by 60%
  • Provided portability for the surgeon

Gear System for Surgical Device


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