PickPM: Value-Added Engineering for Component Designers and Engineers

Design Center

Design Center

A powder metallurgy (PM) component or part should be designed in the context of the whole assembly, with the parts manufacturer involved, or at least informed, throughout the entire process.

Early designer–manufacturer interaction can result in an expansion of the PM concept that can simplify the design and reduce costs—a benefit to the designer, manufacturer, and end-use customer.

Your first step in designing powder metallurgy parts should be to reach out to a PM parts fabricator. The Metal Powder Industries Federation’s (MPIF) member companies include top-tier powder metallurgy parts fabricators who utilize Metal Powder Industries Federation standards and are ready to take your call.

Designing powder metallurgy parts has its own set of guidelines for producing well-engineered, economical products. Review the below options to reinforce your knowledge.

Find a Fabricator

Value-Added Engineering

Take the first step in the powder metallurgy process by finding a PM part fabricator. The right fabricator will help guide you through the development of your part.


Learn how to describe your metal powder part with fabricators.

Specifying PM Parts

Part Process

Learn more about various PM processes.

Consolidation Processes

Material Selection

What is the right material for your part?

Material Selection


What properties are needed for your PM part?

Engineering Properties

powder metallurgy machining

Achieve desired characteristics with secondary operations.

Secondary Operations

Gear Teeth

Sizes and shapes, design details, and the designs of typical parts.

Design Considerations

Brushed Metal

A wide variety of specialty materials are available.

Advanced Materials

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