Why Use Powder Metallurgy?

Efficient and consistent, powder metallurgy (PM) is a value-added engineering process that provides a host of advantages over competing metal-forming technologies.

The benefits of powder metallurgy add up to:

  • part-to-part uniformity for improved product quality
  • shape and material flexibility
  • application versatility
  • cost-effectiveness

Advantages of the Powder Metallurgy Process

Why Pick PM? Because it:

  • is a high-value net-forming solution, optimizing performance in many critical applications.
  • is a demonstrated process of supporting speed-to-market.
  • facilitates manufacture of complex geometries which would be impractical or impossible with other metalworking processes.
  • eliminates or minimizes machining by producing parts at, or close to, final dimensions for the most exacting tolerance requirements.
  • enables part-to-part consistency with excellent surface finish as formed, which can be enhanced through state-of-the-art finishing operations.
  • materials and processes can be tailored to support the most demanding applications.
  • is a highly flexible and robust solution to support moderate- to high-volume component production requirements.
  • minimizes scrap losses by typically using more than 97% of the starting raw material in the finished part.
  • provides controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration.
  • is a cost-effective metal-forming solution.

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Powder Metallurgy: A Recognized Green Technology

If you are a manufacturer with metal components to produce, learn how your company’s sustainability targets can be met by making powder metallurgy a critical part of your fabrication process.