PickPM: Value-Added Engineering for Component Designers and Engineers

Explore Powder Metallurgy Case Studies

Efficient and consistent, powder metallurgy (PM) is a value-added engineering process that provides a host of advantages over competing metal-forming technologies. PM advantages include part-to-part uniformity for improved product quality, shape and material flexibility, application versatility, and cost effectiveness. The following four case studies provide brief insight into the capabilities of PM.

Automotive Case Study: Fan Clutch Assembly

This high-performance fan clutch assembly is used in cooling systems in semi-tractors and other large diesel-engine vehicles. Made using conventional powder metallurgy (PM), this part is composed of six PM components. These components replaced a machined assembly.

Hardware & Appliances Case Study: Rotor Vane

This two-level component is a rotor vane used in an engine lubrication system. It is required to achieve certain tolerances critical to system function with minimal secondary operations. The conventional powder metallurgy manufacturing process involves compaction, sintering, and sizing to achieve required net-shape tolerances.

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Industrial Motors, Controls & Hydraulics Case Study: Valve Actuator

This component acts as the spring seat of a hydraulic valve actuator mechanism. It was originally designed as a plastic injection molded part; however, the plastic softened in the operating environment causing the part to fair. Conventional powder metallurgy (PM) provided the best solution.

Medical Case Study: K-Mount for a Surgical Camera

This award-winning component is for a K-mount used in a digital surgical camera. Previously manufactured with two pieces that were then welded together, metal injection molding (MIM) technology allowed the manufacture of a single, smooth component.

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