Case Study: Inside Hub Adapter

Process: Conventional powder metallurgy
Secondary Processes: Plating
Density: 7.7 g/cm³
Tensile Strength: 95,000 psi
Hardness: 90 HRB

End Use and Function

This component is an inside hub adapter used in modern, high-end electronic commercial and residential door-lock systems including the latest touch-screen devices. These systems are typically used in hospitals, schools, hotels, and government buildings.

Inside Hub Adapter
2013 Award of Distinction: Inside Hub Adapter


The copper-infiltrated powder metallurgy steel part has seven functional levels that are pressed using three upper punches, two separate shelf levels, and two lower punches, with a proprietary triple upper actuating mechanism used to achieve extensive powder transfers and fill compensation. The adapter is pressed to net shape with plating as the only secondary operation performed. Properties include 7.7 g/cm³ density, 95,000 psi ultimate tensile strength, 8% elongation, 100 ft. per lb., unnotched Charpy impact energy, and 90 HRB hardness.


Aggressive PM part design yielded 40% savings over alternative fabrication methods.